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Contact Information

City Clerk's Office Hours:

Phone number: 218-245-1633

Fax number: 218-245-1633

Email address:


Mail to:

City of Bovey

PO Box 399

Bovey, MN 55709



Bovey Police Department:

Phone Number: 218-245-2590

Email address:



Public Works Department

Phone Number: 218-245-1633




Bovey Public Library:

Phone Number: 218-245-1633

Email address:


Trout Lake Fire Department

Phone Number: 911


The Bovey Fire Department has joined services with the Coleraine Fire Department and has been named the Trout Lake Fire Department.











 Regular Meeting Dates
The Bovey City Council meets
 the third Wednesday
 of each month at 6:00 p.m. in
 the City Hall Clubroom.
 Anyone wishing to be on the agenda should contact the city office by noon the Friday before the meeting.

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